Career Consultation

Perfectly Paralegal Consulting, Inc. offers paralegal career consultations – whether you are considering a career change or are a seasoned paralegal, you may need guidance to make sure you are on the right track.

These are some of the topics we can cover during our initial consultation:

Education – whether you are looking to obtain a fast track paralegal certificate or a formal associates, bachelors or masters degree, we can explore your options. You may already have formal education credits that you can utilize as a base for your paralegal education going forward.

Certification – there are numerous national and state programs available to paralegals who wish to continue their professional development. We’ll discuss the most common ones and a few you may not be familiar with to help you decide which one would compliment your professional goals.

Continuing Legal Education – once you become a certified or registered paralegal you will have continuing legal education requirements, learn where to look for quality low cost and free education credits.

Resume – is your resume sending the right signals? If your resume isn’t getting the responses you want, maybe you aren’t portraying the right image. We’ll review your resume to let you know what it’s saying to us and suggestion revisions.

Career Opportunities – if you aren’t finding the right kind of opportunities, maybe you need to look outside the box and explore alternative sources of paralegal opportunities. We’ll help you identify companies other than traditional law offices

Experience – discover how you can leverage seemingly unrelated career experience even if you have no formal paralegal work experience.


The fee for your initial consultation is $65. For the majority of people, this initial consultation will be sufficient to go over all of your options.  Follow-up sessions scheduled within 30 days of the initial consultation will receive a $10 discount.

Scheduling an Appointment

Consultations are available online via live chat, e-mail or telephone. Once you purchase your consultation, please e-mail to schedule your session. In your e-mail, please include the topics you would like to cover, a copy of your resume and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Consultation Options